Monday, 2 February 2009

Winter blizzards and a cancelled flight

This is where I should have been.

If all had gone to plan today I wouldn’t be here right now to make this journal entry because I should have been in a hotel in the town of Offenburg in the Black Forest in Germany. Back in November I found the cheapest flights ever at only 1p each way inclusive of taxes and even though the credit card charge dramatically escalated this to £8.02p return this was still my cheapest flight bargain ever.

Unfortunately mother nature has had the final say and has cruelly stepped in with a blast of winters past and the worst snow in the United Kingdom for twenty years and together with the bony fingers of Jack Frost snatched the flights and the holiday away.

I knew that it was going to be a close call when we set off for the airport but at one o’clock the flight was still scheduled to fly on the Stansted Airport website. By the time we arrived there nearly two hours later however Ryanair had decided enough was enough and cancelled all of its flights for the rest of the day. And so we had to turn straight back round and drive back home again. So whilst, around about now, I should have been in a German bier keller enjoying German lager and a plate of hearty food I am back at home lamenting a case of extreme bad luck.

Thanks to Ryanair the flights can be rearranged but there is nothing available until Wednesday afternoon and the return flight is booked for Wednesday evening. So not really very much point then. The only glimmer of hope is that the forecast for the next couple of days is bad so if there is a cancellation of the return flight then there is the chance to rearrange the whole itinerary at no extra charge. I am not being ever so hopeful though I have to say.

Anyway I have cancelled the hotel, who were very understanding when I explained to them that we are hopeless at dealing with snow in the United Kingdom, and that must have surprised them because most other places can deal quite expertly with what was after all quite a minor snow fall, and also cancelled the car hire, which was unexpectedly straight forward and easy to do. I couldn’t cancel the car parking booking but I have sent them a begging email in the hope that they will understand, take pity, and refund the £35.00

This is where I am, but at least I am here to take care of the birds tomorrow morning.

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