Sunday, 15 February 2009

Shopping Moll

Molly came to stay at Spalding this weekend for the second time. The first time she was only eight weeks old and didn’t know (and probably didn’t care) where she was but now she is four months old and so much more aware and responsive to her environment and she took an hour or two to familiarise herself with a surroundings that she couldn’t remember from her previous visit.

For the first evening she wasn’t her usual self but she eventually settled down in the new travel cot that I had bought earlier this week from Argos and she mostly slept through with only a couple of little wakeups. Some time during the night she did manage to scratch herself quite badly and in the morning she had a Richard Sharpe duelling type injury all the way down her left cheek, which didn’t suit her especially well.

Sally wanted to spend the morning at Springfields outlet shopping centre and so once we had all got ready we went shopping which isn’t something I do that often. Actually, to be honest, I do most of my shopping at Springfields but this is man shopping, I know what I want, I go straight there, buy what I want and get back to the car within half an hour before I have to pay a fee for parking. But shopping with Sally is different and I knew that this was going to take a while longer and so I took the precaution of taking a pound coin to pay for up to a two hour shop and that is a real marathon for me I can tell you.

Springfields turned out to be absolutely brilliant and it must because of the recession of course but they were practically giving stuff away. Sally started in the bra shop and I waited outside because I always feel a bit of a pervert looking around women’s lingerie shops but she snapped up a five for £10 bargain. M&S had nothing we wanted today but at Baby Gap we purchased some nice summer dresses for Molly ready for our holiday in France in August. I picked up a jacket for £5 and thought that this was such a bargain bought one for Jonathan as well, and at £5 if he doesn’t like it he can clean the car with it instead of wearing it. Sally bought some children’s books and luckily for me there were some Valentine cards because in all of the excitement of Molly’s visit I had forgotten all about that.

After nearly two hours I am certain that Sally could have carried on but I had had enough and Molly was chatting away all the way around the shops so weighed down with bags we left the shopping centre and went for a nice lunch at the Chequers pub in Weston that wasn’t very busy but was obviously expecting a lot of amorous customers later that evening.

Molly is lovely, she is so alert and aware, she always wants to join in and likes to sit with the big people all the time. She is no trouble at all and just as long as she is included in what is going on she is totally content.

Back at the house she was so much more comfortable now that she had got used to the place again. She wants to be part of everything and she is desperate to communicate. All around Springfields she had been telling me a long and rambling story in a loud voice that demanded attention and back at home she just carried on for the rest of the afternoon. She is really beautiful, she smiles all of the time and I think she is really desperate to talk. She slept right through the second night and this morning, when she woke up and came downstairs, her face dissolved into the most wonderful smile that I have ever seen and she made two sounds ‘HEY LOW’, which I am convinced was an early morning greeting.

She has gone home now and the house seems strangely empty and quiet so I look forward to her next visit and another bit of retail therapy for Sally at Springfields.

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Funnyface said...

Hello Andrew, luved this entry - jus hearing about your Molly makes me smile, she certainly is a corker! Hope you see her again real soon.
Jaynee x