Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Ryanair - up to the same tricks again...

Michael O’Leary it seems is up to his thieving tricks again. I have just become accustomed to the £4 per passenger per flight credit card transaction charge when he goes and puts it up again. Today I booked return flights for five people to fly to Portugal and was stung at the end by a £5 per passenger per flight credit card transaction charge. That is a 25% increase on the same day that the official rate of inflation was reported as just slightly above 3%.

That is an almighty £50.00 surcharge on these flights. Information about this charge on the website says:

to defray the substantial administration costs we incur when processing credit and debit cards a handling fee applies to each passenger, per flight segment…Even allowing for these small charges our fares still represent the best value for money

Small charges, my arse! According to the banks the normal credit card handling fee is on average about 2% so that means about. £5.60p on my £280 fare and I got whacked nearly ten times that amount. There is a special offer on at the moment of zero charges for Electron cards, but who on earth has Electron cards? And they only have to process the payment once so how can they justify multiple charging of passengers? Why aren’t Trading Standards looking into this? Ryanair has over forty million passengers a year so I calculate this rip-off to be netting them four hundred million pounds a year in pure profit. To put this into perspective consider that in 1963 the Great Train Robbers stole £2.6 million and in 1983 the Brinks Mat robbery pulled off £26 million.

Last year, Stephen McNamara, a spokesman for Ryanair said: “All of those processes go to Visa separate times (for each passenger) so we have to make sure that we are covered in order to cover the costs.” It turns out of course that this statement was another pack of Ryanair lies that was quickly straigtened out by the banks, which just confirms their complete contempt for their customers.

Let’s be honest we all know that Ryanair have got to pay for the cost of flying somehow and zero charge flights are just a bit of a gimmick and I for one would just be happy if they admitted this and just charged me the £5.00 in the first place! That way I wouldn’t feel ripped off and deceived. I don’t mind the baggage charges and the excess weight charges because I can avoid them or it’s my own fault if I don’t but I do object to unreasonable charges being imposed that it is simply impossible to avoid.

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